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Water containers Distribution to IDP Animals In Duhok:

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017











On 2th November 2017 KOARP and in cooperation and supporting of Robin Hood Organization distributed 100 water and food containers to 23 farmers in Sehella sub-district/Zakho district/Duhok Provence whose flee from battle zone from Sinjare, Rabiaa, Snon and Zomar and more then 6000 head of sheep and goat and more then 150 cattle will benefits


Cleo with her 4 kitten from Duhok/Kurdistan to Germany

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

one years ago Mam(Cleo) with her four kitten (Flo, Tiger, Dasha & Nemo) was rescued from street in Duhok city/Kurdistan region  by two animal lovers from Germany , KOARP had important roles to help team to sent and adopt all to Germany(vaccination, Certification and permission of Government).
all kittens during the transport to Germany

San Diego Zoo Global and Safari Park helped Kurdistan Zoo and Tourism Sector

Monday, July 10th, 2017


From 01 to 07 July 2017 KOARP invited Mr. Andy Blue /Associate Curator of Mammals from San Diego Zoo and Safari Park/USA, during the period we done three activities as a summer session activities:

1-      Work shop to Duhok Zoo: on 4th  July 2017 KOARP done workshop to Duhok Zoo owner about Making  the lives of the animals in our care better Mr.Andy presented many articles like wild animals enrichments, exhibits of animals, zoo Barriers between guests and animals, Exotic Animal Husbandry ,Presentation of food in a novel way, enrichments of birds, Enriching and Educating Our Zoo Guests, shade for animals in zoo.
Puzzle feeders and children entertainments

2-      Environmental session  and Eco Tourism workshop: on 6th July 2017 KOARP done a great session about Eco-Tourism and ways of improve and develop the Kurdistan nature to play a great role in Tourism Sector, Dr.Sulaiman presented a presentation about Ways of development of Environment Tourism In Kurdistan region and Mr.Andy Blue from San Diego Zoo and Safari Park/USA presented a two presentation about San Diego Zoo Safari Park Conservation Projects , Zoo in Kurdistan and improvement the animals situation and attentions people to visiting zoo, by the way many relative directorate was attended the session like:

3-      Iraqi Parliament Union.

4-      Duhok Province Council Committee.

5-      Forest Police protection directorate.

6-      Tourism General Directorate.

7-      Municipality General Directorate.

8-      Duhok University/Agriculture Collage.

9-      Duhok Zoo Administration.

10-  Forest Directorate.

11-  Environmental NGOs.

12-  Media Channel and newspaper like:

  • Rudaw.
  • Kurdistan TV.
  • Duhok TV.
  • Kurdsat TV.
  • KNN channel.
  • Waar TV.
  • Avro newspaper.

13-  others

3-      Work shop to Erbil Zoo:  on 7th July 2017 KOARP done workshop to Erbil Zoo owner about Making  the lives of the animals in our care better Mr.Andy presented many articles like wild animals enrichments, exhibits of animals, zoo Barriers between guests and animals, Exotic Animal Husbandry ,Presentation of food in a novel way, enrichments of birds, Enriching and Educating Our Zoo Guests, shade for animals in zoo,Puzzle feeders and children entertainments.


World Migratory Bird Day 2017 In Kurdistan;

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

on 10 Day 2017 KOARP cooperation with enviroment directorate of Duhok, Iraqi Parliament Union,forest Police protecting directorate, Ava Kurdistan Org. Volunteer Duhok university grope(VDU) and Duhok Media celebrated World Migratory Bird Day 2017 in Kurdistan, the celebration contain many activities like; education and awareness people about the importance of migratory birds campaign, role of wild animals specially birds in the enviroment balance,pressure government to protect wild life and control hunting crises,monitoring and reporting wild life and documentation, role of national parks and parks in Kurdistan ,role of wild life in the natural tourism, release 12 birds catches from hunters to the nature and finally cleaning campaign the are from garbage.



Animal Aid Abroad/Australia help Working Animals of Kurdistan

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Animal Aid Abroad /Australia help Working Animals in Kurdistan , according to the contact between administration of both AAA and KOARP , monthly they will send a grant for use mobile clinic to treat working animals specially donkey, shepherd dogs of flock and single cases of flock.


Mosul Zoo

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

KOARP and Robin Hood on way to rescues Mosul Zoo:
exactly on 2 February  2017 at minute that KOARP received an email from some volunteers inside Mosul about situation of Mosul Zoo directly KOARP contacted many Animal Organizations and Agency to help , donate and find a way to rescue the animals inside the Zoo, successfully the Robin Hood Organization donate 1000000 Iraqi D to buy food and delivery to Musol Zoo,  and directly KOARP tried to find a way to transfer the food.






































Indeed on 4 February we able to sent a first part of Food to the Zoo after many difficulties and now the animals in good situation , the second part of food will be send next week and in future we will following up all what they needs.

our plan in future clean the zoo and temporary transfer to other place until Mosul become more secure.
Many thanks to volunteers  from Mosul eye whose informed KOARP.

Many thanks to Robin Hood Organization for donations

Mano on the way to Kenya:

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016










From 2013 exactly from 2 October 2013 until yesterday 28 November 2016 (4 year and 54 days) Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection worked seriously to return back MANO ( a 4 years male old chimpanzee) to her habitat,species,nature, family, brothers, sister, finally mano on the way today 29 November 2016 from Erbil airport to Kenya, Sweet waters Sanctuary…/sweetwaters-chimpanze…/
KOARP during all this period negotiated with many sides, organization, sanctuary, animal activists and governments.
many thanks to all specially Animal Lebanon and Duhok Zoo administration.




Rescue abused, neglected and abandoned animals, promote adoption, treatment and vaccination.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Daily KOARP rescues abused, neglected and abandoned stray animals (dogs,cat sand donkey) and giving them medicine and vaccine if they needs and supply them food and water they try to find him a new home and adoption for ever.



































World Animal day 2016 in Kurdistan Region/Iraq

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

On 4 October 2016 KOARP celebrated WAD 2016 in Duhok province with different activities included below:

  • Distribution of 50 copies of children story ((Zanglk Small kitten)) which translated by Dr.Sulaiman T. Saed to a grope of student in Pairaw Primary school.
  •  Interview of Dr. Sulaiman with Many media, journalist like Speda Channel on 4 October at 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM the interview was about World Animal Day, WAD Ambassadors around the world, role of ambassador, KOARP activities, Hunting and extinction of wild animal in Kurdistan, Education and awareness of people specially Children in School to tack care, love, protect and adoption animal specially stray animals, role of government to approve animal rights and welfare.
  • Interview of Dr. Sulaiman with Iraqi Voice Radio Channel on 4 October at 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM the interview was about the occasion of World Animal Day under name of (( Call of Help)) to KRG and Iraqi Government to stop work with Stray dogs Kill control law number 48) and looking for scientific ways control called Spay and neuters (sterilization) and building shelters in each province in all over Iraq.
  • Interview of Dr. Sulaiman with Duhok Local TV. Channel on 5 October at 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM the interview was about the occasion of World Animal Day under name of ((World Animal Day and education and Awareness Citizen)) Dr Sulaiman mentioned the importance of education of children specially throw educational plan of Ministry of education, high education, religion man’s throw mosque and church, Media, Civil NGOs and others ways.
  • Interview of Dr. Sulaiman with Sulav Local Radio Channel on 5 October at 10:00 AM to 10:15 PM the interview was about the occasion of World Animal Day under name of ((stop hunting wild life)) Dr.sulaiman mentioned the environment balance and importance of wild animals in this equation and role of government to protect wild animal throw increase awareness, monitoring teams of environment protecting police and punish the Criminals.
  • Nomination the best animal breeder of 2016 in Kurdistan region whose rescues, save, treatment and adopted a stray dog in very bad condition.
  • Nomination Mr. Nyhad Sadulla a best writer who’s printed more than 100 books and published most of them on animals.
  • Nomination partridge as an animal year2017 in Kurdistan for education and awareness people to stop hunting and extinction.


World Rabies Day Celebration 2016 in Kurdistan Region:

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016











on 28 September KOARP, Veterinary directorate and General Health directorate/directorate of Prevention, in Vet. conference hall celebrated the WRD, Dr.Dyar T.from Vet.directorate president a presentation about rule of government to control the disease, Dr.Sagvan H. from Heath Directorate presented a presentation about Rabies disease and Dr.Sulaiman T. from KOARP presented a presentation about legislation, identification,spay and neuter, vaccination and adoption of stray animals(doggies and cats) and Education and awareness of citizen .
many people from all sectors of government attended the celebration day like mayoralty, municipality, police and district and sub district representative and administration.
all Kurdish Media channel cover the celebration like Rudaw, Badinansat, duhok TV and redio, War , Rega and others.