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Psychological treatment children of IDP and Refugees by animals

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Under slogan” we respect…protect…take care of Kurdish animals”
Kurdistan Organization of Animal Right Protection (KOARP) & Our bridge children center implemented a project under name Psychological treatment children of IDP and Refugees by animals in  Duhok Gov. for 2 days 120 children participated.

this project was Partnered and Sponsored by Life sign organization/Austria



Monday, December 10th, 2018

Dr.Sulaiman as a Founder of KOARP was invited as a speaker in TEDxAUIS 2018 in Sulaymania that organized by American university Iraq-Sulaymania.

He mentioned the experience of KOARP with animal rights and welfare more then 9 years work in Kurdistan reagion and Iraq.


KOARP Participated Ceremony of Advertising, publishing and distribution Encyclopedia of Duhok governorate :

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

On 12 th April Dr. Sulaiman a founder of KOARP invited to the Ceremony of the adersring, publishing and distribution of encyclopdia of Duhok governorate, this big project started on 2013 and after 5 years finished and today 12 april distrbuted to all peoples, by the way Dr.Sulain had a distinct role as a writer and covered the animal kingdom of Duhok governorate .
the encyclopedia of Duhok consist of 8 part with 5000 pages, and the animal kingdom of Duhok that wrote by Dr.Sulaiman consist of 88 pages included the classification of animals,animal surveys , the kurdish traditions concerning animals and equipment that used daily by Kurdish people for animals and animal breeding process.



Equine Veterinary Mobile Clinic/Kurdistan

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Location:  Duhok Province

Duration: (14) months (from 01/11/2016-31/12/2017)

Number of Participating People: (1) one vet.

Donors: Animal Aid Abroad Inc. [Australia]

Name of Article: Final Report of 2017

We bought more than ( 19 )items of medicine and minerals, disinfect , vitamins, de –worming and equipment that was very important to use for working animals some of them give with food or injection , some of them use for de-worming, some of them use for clean wounds.

We abled to treat as below;

 (275) Donkeys, (25) Horse, (5) mare, (5) mule, more than (82) Poultry (backyard), more than (3357) sheep, goat , cattle , ( 2) camel, (23 ) Rabbit and (246) shepherd dogs in (8) district and (81) villages.




KOARP participated Pet Animals, birds and fishes Exhibition:

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

On 29 March 2018 KOARP participated the Pet Animals, birds and fishes Exhibition that organized by Duhok University /Veterinary collage, during the activity Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP met many animals’ owners, Students and Media and gave them many recommendation and advises about animal rights, control, feeding, housing, grooming, tack care, vaccination program , healthy certifications….and others.
During this activity KOARP distributed more than 50 books under name (breeding and management pet animals indoor)and (Zanglk..a stray cat story) , more than 150 brochures about how tack care of birds inside cages(captive birds).
By the way all this books and brochures was published by KOARP.
We need to mentioned that the during all this activity KURDISTAN 24 Median Net was accompanied Dr.Sulaim throw a Documentary report about KOARPs activities.



Water containers Distribution to IDP Animals In Duhok:

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017











On 2th November 2017 KOARP and in cooperation and supporting of Robin Hood Organization distributed 100 water and food containers to 23 farmers in Sehella sub-district/Zakho district/Duhok Provence whose flee from battle zone from Sinjare, Rabiaa, Snon and Zomar and more then 6000 head of sheep and goat and more then 150 cattle will benefits


Cleo with her 4 kitten from Duhok/Kurdistan to Germany

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

one years ago Mam(Cleo) with her four kitten (Flo, Tiger, Dasha & Nemo) was rescued from street in Duhok city/Kurdistan region  by two animal lovers from Germany , KOARP had important roles to help team to sent and adopt all to Germany(vaccination, Certification and permission of Government).
all kittens during the transport to Germany

San Diego Zoo Global and Safari Park helped Kurdistan Zoo and Tourism Sector

Monday, July 10th, 2017


From 01 to 07 July 2017 KOARP invited Mr. Andy Blue /Associate Curator of Mammals from San Diego Zoo and Safari Park/USA, during the period we done three activities as a summer session activities:

1-      Work shop to Duhok Zoo: on 4th  July 2017 KOARP done workshop to Duhok Zoo owner about Making  the lives of the animals in our care better Mr.Andy presented many articles like wild animals enrichments, exhibits of animals, zoo Barriers between guests and animals, Exotic Animal Husbandry ,Presentation of food in a novel way, enrichments of birds, Enriching and Educating Our Zoo Guests, shade for animals in zoo.
Puzzle feeders and children entertainments

2-      Environmental session  and Eco Tourism workshop: on 6th July 2017 KOARP done a great session about Eco-Tourism and ways of improve and develop the Kurdistan nature to play a great role in Tourism Sector, Dr.Sulaiman presented a presentation about Ways of development of Environment Tourism In Kurdistan region and Mr.Andy Blue from San Diego Zoo and Safari Park/USA presented a two presentation about San Diego Zoo Safari Park Conservation Projects , Zoo in Kurdistan and improvement the animals situation and attentions people to visiting zoo, by the way many relative directorate was attended the session like:

3-      Iraqi Parliament Union.

4-      Duhok Province Council Committee.

5-      Forest Police protection directorate.

6-      Tourism General Directorate.

7-      Municipality General Directorate.

8-      Duhok University/Agriculture Collage.

9-      Duhok Zoo Administration.

10-  Forest Directorate.

11-  Environmental NGOs.

12-  Media Channel and newspaper like:

  • Rudaw.
  • Kurdistan TV.
  • Duhok TV.
  • Kurdsat TV.
  • KNN channel.
  • Waar TV.
  • Avro newspaper.

13-  others

3-      Work shop to Erbil Zoo:  on 7th July 2017 KOARP done workshop to Erbil Zoo owner about Making  the lives of the animals in our care better Mr.Andy presented many articles like wild animals enrichments, exhibits of animals, zoo Barriers between guests and animals, Exotic Animal Husbandry ,Presentation of food in a novel way, enrichments of birds, Enriching and Educating Our Zoo Guests, shade for animals in zoo,Puzzle feeders and children entertainments.


World Migratory Bird Day 2017 In Kurdistan;

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

on 10 Day 2017 KOARP cooperation with enviroment directorate of Duhok, Iraqi Parliament Union,forest Police protecting directorate, Ava Kurdistan Org. Volunteer Duhok university grope(VDU) and Duhok Media celebrated World Migratory Bird Day 2017 in Kurdistan, the celebration contain many activities like; education and awareness people about the importance of migratory birds campaign, role of wild animals specially birds in the enviroment balance,pressure government to protect wild life and control hunting crises,monitoring and reporting wild life and documentation, role of national parks and parks in Kurdistan ,role of wild life in the natural tourism, release 12 birds catches from hunters to the nature and finally cleaning campaign the are from garbage.



Animal Aid Abroad/Australia help Working Animals of Kurdistan

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Animal Aid Abroad /Australia help Working Animals in Kurdistan , according to the contact between administration of both AAA and KOARP , monthly they will send a grant for use mobile clinic to treat working animals specially donkey, shepherd dogs of flock and single cases of flock.