World Wildlife Day Celebration in Kurdistan


On 3rd march 2015 , for the first time in all Iraq and Kurdistan Region and under slogan” We are all peshmarha of protecting Kurdistan’s environment  instead  of Environment’s peshmarga hose fitting ISIS”  the” World Wild life Day in Kurdistan” been celebrated by a group of Environment Friends Organization( Kurdistan for Animal Rights Protectionn organization, Water Kurdistan organization and Farashine environment protection organization).

The activities include:

An introduction of” World Wild life Day in Kurdistan” by Dr.Idres A.Qaro from KOARP.

A seminar on ” Cites  Convention, the importance of this convention and role of Kurdistan region to use this convention to save her wildlife by Dr.Sulaiman Tamer a president  and founder of KOARP.

  Short video film about” the important of Water in Kurdistan” by Mr.Abdulla Qadir from Water Kurdistan Organization.

A seminar on ” Environment pollution and protection” by Mr. Mohammed Zakholy From Farashin Environment protection Organization)

Distribution of brusher about ” World Wild life Day in Kurdistan”  containing WWD logo and quotation from the speech of Mr. Ban k. Moon on this occasion prepared by Dr.Sulaiman/KOARP

AN interviews with Dr.Sulaiman for WAar TV., Badinan sat, Kurdistan Tv., Duhok T V, Duhok radio on air”  daily Waar  and Avro newspaper”, On this occasion for education and awareness of people about this subjects.


 An interview with Dr.Sulaiman on this occasion by Sivora ( Squirrel) Children Magazine published in Duhok province, talking about the WWD by Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP .

Disteribution of BUroshur to children of Srod Primary  School in Duhok by Dr.Sulaiman /KOARP



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