Activities KOARP from 1 April 2014 until 30 July 2015

1-    Stray, Abandoned and Neglected animals Rescues and adoptions:

Daily KOARP members and volunteers in all three province of Kurdistan region  are in hard works to save, Rescues and adoptions of  Stray, Abandoned and Neglected animals, by give medicine, vaccine , advice ,home .


2-    Education and Awareness of citizen to tack care , love , respect animals :

KOARPs member specially Dr. Sulaiman dedicate his full time to education and awareness people specially children in school by giving him seminar, brochures, video, arts about animals and how deal with animals, tack care , good treatment, love , and respect.

Also published huge number of animals articles, on newspaper, magazine, also interview with TV. Radio channel to educations citizen about animals. Below two examples:

KOARP and Bilkand International School Cooperation on Animal Rights and Welfare Education and Awareness in Kurdistan:
on 31st. March 2015 as a first step of education program to students of Bilkand International School Dr.Sulaiman presented a seminar about Classification of Animals and situation of stray animals in Iraq and Kurdistan.

On 31 March 2015 Dr. Sulaiman T.Saed Presint a seminar about animal Zoo to Children of Kurdistan little Village kindergarten in Enkawa/Erbil.
Many thank to our me members Anna ,Avan and kindergarten Madam Reta and all teachers.











3-    Condemned of Turkish military to destroy Kurdistan environment and nature and bombing

4-    Pressure government and parliament approve animal rights law

5-     Monthly Attends meeting of NGO with international NGO, Government and volunteers

6-     From 2014 until now writing stray animal control strategy plan and publish as a book before 4 October 2015 (World Animal Day).

7-     Monthly Supervising Kurdish local Maraze Goat project.

8-     Weekly Supervising Animals situation in Friday Market and reporting to government











9-      KOARP participated Successful Workshop about Protection of Kurdistan Nature from Pollution:
Dr.Sulaiman and Dr.Idress from KOARP participated successful workshop from 23-26 May 2015 that was organized by Nature Iraq organization in Sulaimia on ways of Kurdistan nature pollution and protection specially plastic and how make a campaign against any pollution phenomenon in future.











10-   World Migratory Day 2015 in Kurdistan celebration:
On 10 May 2015 KOARP, Aza protecting environment organization, Polytechnic Duhok university, Forest protecting police, and many environmental activist on Zerka top mountain celebrated World migratory Day 2015 in Kurdistan included many activities like rescues many partridges bought from Friday market from hand of hunters, burn hunters cages, awareness people throw many channel of media like Rudaw, Badinan, Warr and newspaper and magazine.












11-   World Veterinary Day 2015 in Kurdistan
on 29 April 2015 Kurdistan Veterinary syndicate /Duhok branch celebrate world veterinary day 2015 and Dr.Sulaimn T. Saeed had a speech in this day as a KOARP

12-Complete day with Badinansta Channel T.V
on 12 April 2015 Badinan sat Channel cover complete day with KOARP ‘s activities included :
1- visiting Maraz Kurdish Goat project.
2- Rescues stray animals.
3- Some awareness advice to stop hunting wildlife.

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