World Animal Day 2015 in Kurdistan Region/Iraq











KOARP celebrated WAD 2015 in Duhok province after one week preparations of different activities included below:

1-    On 07.30 A.M. and for 20 minutes Kurdistan Morning Show in  Rudaw Media net ( channel) ( famous  international media net) directly (on air) invited Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed  for interview on subject of World Animal Day.

2-    From 11A.M. to 2.00 P.M. KOARP’s team, Sharia Eyzedian I.D.P. Camp Administration and GZI Primary School of Eyzedian I.D.P.  children celebrated WAD 2015 with many fantastic  activities included:

a- Opening Drawing Show which prepared  more than 10 day by children of School and KOARP , the  dawning show was opened by student named Iman (girl 13 years old) whose escaped from ISIS terrorist group jail  after has been detains more than one year.

b-small presentation to more than 50 student of fourth stage about kind and situation of animals in Kurdistan .










c-Distribution of KOARPs gifts on student whose participated show and activities consist of   a copy of children story ((Laylas grandmothers with wolf story)) which translated by Dr.Sulaiman T. Saed and sponsored printing by Dashni Morad (Kurdish singer) and Fink Muhammed miss Kurdistan 2013 and  a box of animals toys.

d-    Coexistence, playing and interesting with animals which prepared the celebration by Duhok Zoo.











3-    Many media, journalist and guest was participated the celebration.

4-    On 05.30 P.M. and for 25minutes  was invited Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed  by Arang  Show in  Warr  Media net ( channel) ( famous  media net in Duhok Province)  for interview directly ( on air) on subject of World Animal Day .

5-    Also at same show(Arang) published all activities that was done at afternoon in Sharia I.D.P.  camp/school and published two reportage first about what you say about WAD and second who will protect , welfare, respect  animals and prevent hunting.











6-    Warr newspaper on 6 0ctober published article on subject World Animal Day which written by Dr.Sulaiman T.Saed.

7-    Sivora(squirrel)  Children Magazine will publish article of October on  subject World Animal Day which written by Dr.Sulaiman T.Saed.

8-    Nomination Mr. Rang and his wife Lazha the best animal breeder of 2015 in Kurdistan region whose rescues, save, treatment and adopted a stray dog in very bad condition.

9-    Nomination Falcon as an animal year2016 in Kurdistan for education and awareness people to stop hunting and extinction..

10-           Supervising the progress of final stage of printing ((Project and strategies to control the growing population of stray animals (dogs, cats and donkey) in Kurdistan Region)) and planning of schedule of distribution between citizens.

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