Definition And Deployment (Environmental Legislation Guides In Kurdistan Region – Iraq ) and reviewed Hunting Law in Kurdistan

In the Vet. Directorate Hall in Duhok on 2 February 2016 , an effectiveness has been prepared by Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights and Protection and Nature Iraq Organization with two articles definition of ( Environmental Legislation Guides in Kurdistan Region – Iraq ) which prepared by Shilan Aziz and Rashan Ashp from N.I and Hunting law which approved by Environment improvement and development Agency in KRG.

In this activity we invited many KRG representatives like ( Iraqi parliament /Duhok office , Province council of Duhok Environmental Protection and Improvement directorate In Duhok , General directorate of agriculture and water resources in Duhok , Duhok and Zakho University , Vet. directorate , General Directorate of Police in Duhok , police directorate of forest protection ,Duhok Dam directorate environmental NGO and many Animal and environment activists .

At the beginning Dr.Sulaiman welcomed all attendees especially the guests from sulaymaniyah(Shelan, Rashan and Dyeari) and mentioned the role of Nature Iraq org. in all around Iraq to protect and develop Iraq nature, then mentioned the big requests on hunting the wild animals and suggested the duties of protection and monitoring the market and place for sale and buy wild animals in front of Peshmarga force protecting environment in Kurdistan whose participating the war against ISIS by the Police Force.

Then Shelan Khan and Rashan Khan mentioned the Importance of printing the Gide of all Iraqi and Kurdistan environment law in one book.

After that all the attendees discussion the hunting law that approved by environment agency in 2015 and all notes and suggestion will send to environment agency by both organization in future.


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