Main KOARPs Activities of beginning of 2016

World Wildlife Day 2016 Celebration in Kurdistan Region:

On 3 March 2016 Kurdistan Organization, Environment Directorate, Forest Directorate, Aza Environment Protecting Org. and Ava Kurdistan organization celebrated World Wildlife Day 2016 in Kurdistan, the celebration included many activities like:

1- Two presentation on National park presented by Dr.Sulaiman and Mr.Mouhamed Yonis.

2- Duhok Radio interview with Mr.Idris M.

3-Traffic Radio interview with Dr.Sulaiman.











KOARP Participate NGOs meeting on Economic and financial challenges in the Kurdistan Region.











World Spay Day 2016 In Kurdistan Region

on 23 February 2016 KOARP and University of Duhok/Veterinary Medicine Faculty celebrate World Spay Day as a first time during Iraq and Kurdistan R. history .

The celebration includes this activities below:

1-Presentation about situation of Stray animals in Iraq by Dr.Sulaiman T. a founder of KOARP.

2- condemnation the Iraqi law number 48 published in 1986 called stray dog kill control law bu both side.

3- spay and neuter some dogs and cats daily in this week

4- interview with media to education and awareness people to spay owner animals and government to tack care stray animals.











Meeting about National Park in Duhok Province:

on 21 February in Duhok Province council building KOARP organized a meeting between environment committee in DPC, directorate of Environment, Forestry directorate, Aza environment org., Ava Kurdistan org. and KOARP about National Park law in Kurdistan Region and ways to select some area in Duhok nature for national Park in Duhok Province and preparing a proposal to send to the government and Parliament in Kurdistan R

Dr.Sulaiman presented a presentation about principle of N.P. and The formation of committees for selecting an exact area and nature.











Training Course of K9 management , supervising and management:

Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP and cooperation with M.C. opening a training course to all dog handlers of company to tack care, good management , supervising the situation of dogs , first aid ,common diseases ,medicines and surgical operation of dogs.











KOARP Participated meeting of NGOs with KRG Council of Ministers:

on 11 February 2015 Dr.SulaimanT. a founder of KOARP participated the meeting of Mr.Nichirvan Barzani a Prime Minister and Mr.Qobad Talabani a Deputy Prime Minister of KRG Council of Ministers with Representatives of some Kurdistan local NGOs.


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