World Migratory Bird Day 2016 in Kurdistan:










On 10 May at 10 O’clock morning at Duhok Zoo the World Migratory Day 2016 in Kurdistan was celebrated, KOARP/Robin Hood with more then 200 student of Duhok Privet International School attended the celebration , the celebration was included below activities:
1- small presentation of World Migratory Bird Day by Dr.Sulaiman.
2-Student Tour around Zoo. the student divided to two grope each one more then 100 student with her teachers , Grope A with Dr.Sulaiman and Grope B with Dr.Idress.
we explain animal kingdom, class, habitat, nature of each kind of animal in Zoo to student specially Birds.
3- Distribution of more then 200 copy of ((Layla’s grandmother and Wolfe)) that translated by Dr.Sulaiman and sponsored by Kurdish famous singer Dashni Morad and Miss Kurdistan 2013 Fink Mohammed.
4- Distribution of world migratory Bird Day 2016 brochures.
5- Distribution of many gifts from R.H. Org. like animals photo, sticker…etc.
6- playing with domestic animals cat and dogs.
the celebration tacked more then 2 hours.


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