Environment session In Duhok Province :











On 17 August 2016 at Duhok Environment directorate and in the presence of Mr. Dr. fariss Br. a member of enviroment and health committee/ Iraqi parliament, Dr.Jassim R. a member of enviroment and health committee/ Kurdistan parliament, Dr.Addul Hammed a old Iraqi parliament member,Miss. parwen a enviroment committee of Duhok Province, heads and representative of all related departments directorate like Duhok mayoralty, veterinary , health, enviroment police, general directorate of police, media,and others after welcomed by Mr.M.T.Brifkani the director of Duhok environment directorate, Dr.Sulaiman present a seminar on Friday market Phenomenon , problem and solving , he mentioned all enviroment crises that effected daily life of people in Duhok Province , animals trade , bad situation of animals, hunting, bad treatment with animals, productions, weapon and in future needs more help, need some meeting , workshop to show the government for dissolve in future.


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