World Rabies Day Celebration 2016 in Kurdistan Region:











on 28 September KOARP, Veterinary directorate and General Health directorate/directorate of Prevention, in Vet. conference hall celebrated the WRD, Dr.Dyar T.from Vet.directorate president a presentation about rule of government to control the disease, Dr.Sagvan H. from Heath Directorate presented a presentation about Rabies disease and Dr.Sulaiman T. from KOARP presented a presentation about legislation, identification,spay and neuter, vaccination and adoption of stray animals(doggies and cats) and Education and awareness of citizen .
many people from all sectors of government attended the celebration day like mayoralty, municipality, police and district and sub district representative and administration.
all Kurdish Media channel cover the celebration like Rudaw, Badinansat, duhok TV and redio, War , Rega and others.


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