Mosul Zoo

KOARP and Robin Hood on way to rescues Mosul Zoo:
exactly on 2 February  2017 at minute that KOARP received an email from some volunteers inside Mosul about situation of Mosul Zoo directly KOARP contacted many Animal Organizations and Agency to help , donate and find a way to rescue the animals inside the Zoo, successfully the Robin Hood Organization donate 1000000 Iraqi D to buy food and delivery to Musol Zoo,  and directly KOARP tried to find a way to transfer the food.






































Indeed on 4 February we able to sent a first part of Food to the Zoo after many difficulties and now the animals in good situation , the second part of food will be send next week and in future we will following up all what they needs.

our plan in future clean the zoo and temporary transfer to other place until Mosul become more secure.
Many thanks to volunteers  from Mosul eye whose informed KOARP.

Many thanks to Robin Hood Organization for donations

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