KOARP participated Pet Animals, birds and fishes Exhibition:

On 29 March 2018 KOARP participated the Pet Animals, birds and fishes Exhibition that organized by Duhok University /Veterinary collage, during the activity Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP met many animals’ owners, Students and Media and gave them many recommendation and advises about animal rights, control, feeding, housing, grooming, tack care, vaccination program , healthy certifications….and others.
During this activity KOARP distributed more than 50 books under name (breeding and management pet animals indoor)and (Zanglk..a stray cat story) , more than 150 brochures about how tack care of birds inside cages(captive birds).
By the way all this books and brochures was published by KOARP.
We need to mentioned that the during all this activity KURDISTAN 24 Median Net was accompanied Dr.Sulaim throw a Documentary report about KOARPs activities.



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