Equine Veterinary Mobile Clinic/Kurdistan

Location:  Duhok Province

Duration: (14) months (from 01/11/2016-31/12/2017)

Number of Participating People: (1) one vet.

Donors: Animal Aid Abroad Inc. [Australia]

Name of Article: Final Report of 2017

We bought more than ( 19 )items of medicine and minerals, disinfect , vitamins, de –worming and equipment that was very important to use for working animals some of them give with food or injection , some of them use for de-worming, some of them use for clean wounds.

We abled to treat as below;

 (275) Donkeys, (25) Horse, (5) mare, (5) mule, more than (82) Poultry (backyard), more than (3357) sheep, goat , cattle , ( 2) camel, (23 ) Rabbit and (246) shepherd dogs in (8) district and (81) villages.




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