World Animal Day in Kurdistan 4 October2010

The second time in the history of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, celebrating World Animal Day in cooperation with Duhok Veterinary Directorate, Zewa Center for the Children rights Protection and Duhok Zoo. Our events and activities include:

a Photographic Exhibition illustrating the animal welfare situation in Iraq; an Exhibition of Children’s Paintings of Animals

 Speech of KOARP president and Chairman of Duhok City Council

presenting the active people helping animals(wild and stray) and pointes the 2010 animals friends with a World Animal Day logo flag.

  Center of Zewa for children rights protections activities including :

A-Two song the first under name “I am going to the park” and the second under the name “spring of our village “

B- Performance (drama) under name” environment burned”

Animal Zoo s activities include showing of animals and freedom of pigeon

You can see :

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