“World Rabies Day”


 On Tuesday 28th.September.2010 at 10:30am Duhok Veterinary Directorate in cooperation with both (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection) & (General Directorate of Public Health in Duhok), celebrate the “World Rabies Day” for the second time in the Iraqi history. The activities include:-

  1. Preceding the “World Rabies Day” celebration and exactly on 26th.September.2010, a T.V. interview (Kurdistan Satellite) was run by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar, the founder of Kurdistan Organization for Animal Right Protection) for this occasion.
  2.  Dr. Dyar Tayb (Director of Duhok Vet.) gives his speech and welcomes the attendance. He focus on “World Rabies Day” and also speaks about the great rule of concerning each part in rising the knowledge about such a big zoonotic disease which is (Rabies) among the people.
  3. Presenting a film on (Rabies) as a zoonotic disease is showed to the attendance.
  4. A seminar on (General statistics about Rabies in Iraq) by (Waleed Saleh from public health sector).
  5. A seminar on (How to Manage Dog street) by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar).
  6. Future advices and plan put to be work on with related parties to raise the awareness and education among people in the region.

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