Meeting with Environmental Protection and Improvement Board President

On27th. February 2012 Dr.Sulaiman T. Saeed President of KOARP  and Mr. Mohamed yonise a head of natural environment of Duhok Environment Directorate visited the Environmental Protection and Improvement Board/Kurdistan Region Government and welcomed by Dr. Rezan  Malla Hassan a president of Board, at the beginning the president was very interested for that today we have in Kurdistan an organization asking about animals rights, and after giving a brief about here activities , Dr. Suleiman explain all problem that animals suffering in all Kurdistan and Iraq, specially wild animals like continuous hunting, animal rights an availability, education and awareness of people specially children to protect environment and improve it and take care off  and love animals ,lack of recording of wild animals, survey wild animals, generation of national parks, re habitation centers ,environment centers to tech children and finally the president of the board promise to work together in future to improve environment and wild animals.

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