Strange story( 5 Stray Kitten Orphan )


As a first time during Iraqi history  on 29 April 2012 one guy his name Ramadan Dashtmri contacted me  from ​​Zakho district , the presence of 5 cats stuck (adhesion)with some  in  umbilicus area and they do not have one in order to care for them with mother  is die  so I directly coordinated with the Department  animal Zoo and looking to find a cure for them and I connected  with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Surgery to find a solution for them as well I contacted to animal welfare organizations in world for example Nowzad Dogs  to provide us with the information on how to deal with these situations and how to feed them and tack care them.

0n 30 April we prepare all thinks for operation and we started the operation under monitoring and supervision of both Dr. Meriam Ibrahim and Dr. Borhan Mufti from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Surgery (surgeon) and Dr.sulaiman Tamer Saeed from KOARP from 09.00 Am until 10.30 Am ,the operation was not too difficult and in the end after separation we sutured  the site of operation of all kitten  .

Now all kitten on good healthy.


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