The KOARP’s activities in Morocco:

On16 May2012 The president of KOARP  Visited Rabat Animal Zoo in RABAT ,in this visiting he get many information’s about all animals ,housing ,feeding, tack care and treatment ,this information’s was help our animal zoo to develop in future .

On17 May the president of KOARP visited the Societe protectriceDes Animauxet De La Nature (SPANA)-Rabat and welcomed by Dr. Mohamed senior Veterinarian in SPANA. a  the beginning Dr. Sulaiman talk  about KOARP‘s activities, animal rights low in Iraq, challenge that forbid development of animal rights, extinction of many species of animal specially wild animal around all Iraq , difficulty of founding donors and animals status and after that dr. Mohmed talk about SPANA in Morocco specially in Rabat after that they visited all parts of Spana.

On 18 May 2012 morning  the president of KOARP present a seminar about Kurdistan Veterinary laboratory’s management according to ISO 17025 in Golden Farah Hotel in Rabat to more the 27 participates from Iraq.

On 18 May 2012 the president of KOARP visited the Iraqi Embassy in Rabat and welcomed by Mr.Hazim Al-Yossifi the Iraqi Ambassador in Morocco.


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