Hernia Operation for GSD

On 18June 2012 in Veterinary Collage Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP and Dr.Mariam Ibrahim from Veterinary Collage  make a operation for one Mando’s Oil Company.

Name of Operation : Umbilical Hernia
Dog Name: Zena
Age:2 years
Weight : 32kg

Sex: Female
Species : GSD/EDD
Dog Handel : Samuail
Period of operation 2.30 Hour.

Case History : Zena she was an Explosive Detection Dogs from Mand Oil company,sine 6 month ago she was suffered from injured in umbilical area , she treated but may be she not healing the wound completely there fore day by day she had a hernia in umbilica , the site of hernia( rupture of muscle of abdomen ) was more 5 CM and many part of bowl come out site abdomen ( under skin) and the case become too old (chronic) therefore there was many admissions surrounding the wound .

Procedure of Operation : after  cutting and removing hair( clippingand shaving the site of operation) ,then cutting the skin and looking for the ring of hernia and removing all adhesion tissue ,entering all bowl to inside and suturing all layer of muscle then skin.

Post Operation :

1- Cores of Antibiotics for 5 days.

2- spraying the site of operation daily two time .

3- remove thes suture after 12 days.

4-rest for 30 days.

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