Rescues and Adoption Stray Donkey

On 16 August 2012  the president and founder of KOARP  Dr.sulaiman T.Saeed found a stray white donkey between building of Duhok municipality and directorate of distribution of water and  because of there is no shelter available in all Iraq and Kurdistan region , for 6 days just monitoring , recommended  and ordered the guard of Church that was build near the two directorate to giving him food and water until find a way or volunteer for adoption but unfortunately many children and young boys daily hitted the donkey by stone, iron when there was no one  there ,fortunately yesterday 21Augest 2012 at eleven evening  when I was return from out side to home   I thought to visit and see the animal what happen , and at that time I saw that two young boys was catching  the donkey and the hitted the animal by big iron about one meter length, immediately I stopped my car and asked with two boys why they hitted the animals its shame and animals feel pain and restless and at that time I saw other car(14688-Duhok) stopped near to me and three teenagers came out to help me  and they tell me if I need help ,I asked him to find a home , fortunately they tell me that they will tack with him and adoption in this home I bring  a cord and make a bridle then we picking up animal to the car and we sended to new home then after one day and for3days we will treatment the injures that occurs during the hitting

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