World Animal Day 2012 in Iraq- Kurdistan Region-Duhok Province

On 4 October 2012 Kurdistan organization for animal rights Protection (KOARP) in coordination with:

Directorate of Veterinary in Duhok Province

General directorate of agriculture,

Faculty of agriculture and forestry

celebrate the world animal day 2012, the event include the ceremony of opening the project of developing the merez (Marino) Kurdish goat in the faculty of agriculture and forestry by Dr.Hameed Bavii the Iraqi Parliament member , this project was sponsored by the governor of Duhok and expected to rise 200 head of goats later on to be distributed to selected animal breeders, many people of high local authorities in the governorate present the   opening

and  after that  all participants lessened to a few seminars presented by Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed on project of developing the merez (Marino) Kurdish goat , new research on Kurdish goat on Duhok Province by Prof. Jallal Al-Qass And the last one on characteristics features of the angora goat presented by Dr.Ronak this activities  take part in the faculty of veterinary medicine .The participants are from the local media, NGOs, local authorities, veterinarians, and farmers.

Fainaly the participants  choose the Kurdish Hoarse a 2013 animals to protect him from extinction.

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