KOARP found a Stray donkey between Snow and Asking help to Rescue the Donkey

Today 12 January2013 exactly at 03.30 Pm when I went to Oil Company to treatment and follow-up the healthy of MDD dog that had injured before 5days ago I saw on my way a stray donkey far away on main road on mountain unable to move and need food because the snow was covered all area

When I returned back at 04.45Pm to my home I looked for some food to send to him to keep him live until looking for a solution

The donkey’s health was too bad because last two nights he felt too cold under -10C and with too huge snow in land and without eating food and drink any thing.

Tomorrow I will supply more food but he was needing help to find home for him

we monitoring and feeding donkey more then ten days until snow was dissolve, thanks for god he was save and with good healthy.



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