KGR Team Visited some Stray Animals shelters in Turkey

On 08.04.2013 and according to the approval order of KGR-Erbil Governor Kurdistan region team visited Turkey (Istanbul) as a committee to find a way to protect stay dog kill campaign in Kurdistan region and all Iraq and to bring a Turkish experience with stray dogs and how deal with and dissolve this problem and this committees was consist of :
1- Erbil Vet. Directorate
2- Civil Engineer
3- administration officer of Erbil governor-ate
4- KOARP president and animal’s rights activities.

On 09.04.2013 as a first step of team’s trip to Turkey to monitoring stray dogs and how deal with ,treatment and management by municipality of Istanbul Province , they visited many street of city and we sow many dogs and cat movement free and save and the surprising thinks with all this dogs are each one tagged (numbered) with different color (yellow, read and green).

اسطنبول 1 071

On 11.04.2013 team left Istanbul toward Bursa to  visit some Animals place and collection of some idea and information to help us to improve animals conditions in Kurdistan.

 The first place team visited ( BURSA Animal Zoo).

The second place team visited on 09.04.2013 in Bursa a large, modern and fantastic animal shelters in Turkey (Oysman Gazi shelter for municipality) .

.The third place team visited is( veterinary hospital ,dog and cat shelter in Nilofer municipality in Bursa Provence


On 13 April 2013 the team visited Izmir Animal Zoo in Izmir Province and after rounded all part of zoo the team ,and got many information about and saw a freedom of animals , very large space of each kind of animals as he life in her nurture, different methods of feeding for each animal and very simple building to each kind of animals .


On 15 April 2013 the team with our colleague Gughtan Ekur visited Istanbul Veterinary faculty and animal vet. Hospital in faculty, very amazing tour round all part of hospital and training dog sector for diagnosis cancer .

On afternoon 15 April 2013 the team with our team leader Mr.Gughtan Eker visited last dog shelters in this trip under name (Bekirkoy ) in meddle of Istanbul city center 


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