World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Erbil and Duhok Provinces

World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Erbil



On 03 October 2013 in Erbil Province a capital of Kurdistan as a yearly celebration, Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) celebrated the World Animal day 2013. This special day was celebrated by the KOARP team, Kurdistans first POP female singer Dashni Morad, Mr Rabar and Mr Srod from XKurdLike and Mr Rafer whom is also a Kurdish singer.   Rudaw TV and Korek TV journalists were also there along with Nasih Ali Xayat who was the photographer.


The celebration included many activities like

  1. Visit Gilkand animal zoo in Erbil:

a)      Clean, sterilize and disinfect all the animal’s cages to control viral and bacterial disease.

b)      Supply a large amount of different foods (meat, chicken, vegetables, grains)

c)       Feed each animal their normal diet

d)      Supply a large amount of medicine, vaccination and equipment for the different types of animals currently in the Zoo.  Medicines included:


Rabies vaccine


Vitamins and Minerals

e)      Conducting checkups on the animals

  1. Visit Erbil Vice Governor:

At 12:00 PM the team visited the Vice Governor of Erbil, Mr. Taher Abdulla.  The meeting took approximately 40 minutes and the below topics were covered.

a-      Rebuild a new Zoo according to International Zoo standards and move the animals to a better location.

b-      The support of the KOARP team and volunteers on helping the Zoo owner with the design and specifications of the new Zoo.

c-       Stop Iraqi Law (No.48 in 1986) that condones killing all stray animals by poison or shot gun and replace this law with Spay and Neutering.

d-      Build Animal Shelter to start of Spay and Neutering.

3- Rescue wild animals from the market and set them free on Saffin Mountain:

a-      The team along with environment protectors (Peshmarge) visited the top of Saffin Mountain to set the Squirrels and Quails free.  Research was conducted on the area to make sure the animals would have constant food, water and shelter.

b-      Collect garbage on the mountain that was left by hikers.

The team then returned back to Erbil at approximately 9:30PM.

World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Duhok


On Wednesday 09 October 2013 KOARP, General Directorate of Social Welfare and Development, Veterinary Directorate, Zewa Children Protection Center and the Zoo in Duhok province celebrated World Animal Day at the Zewa Children ‘s Hall.


The ceremony included the below activities:

1- Speech on “World Animal Day” by the President and founder of KOARP, Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed

2-Speech by General Directorate of Social Welfare and Development by Mrs. Chian M.

3- Short video film prepared by (WSPA).

4- Many songs related to (Animal welfare, Zoo and Environment) by children from Zewa center and Pelistank Group children channel.

5-A play (Called “Our Environment”) by children from Zewa Center.

6- Photo slideshow on animal situation by KOARP.

7- Viewing of a Drawing prepared by Zewa children center about animal welfare and protection.

8-Kurdistan animal 2014 was:Urmia Salamander( Neurergus crocatus)or Kurdistan Newt (Neurergud microspilotus)

9- 30 gifts from Veterinary directorate to children in Zewa Center



A Famous singers Shelan, Niven and Aras of  Pelistank TV and  a few other NGO’s were also present.


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