Erbil Zoo Closed


After many trying and reported about worst zoo in the world from many animals right organization and animals activist  and after many trying with government to provide a others land to build a new and modern zoo in Erbil, the zoo’s owner able to get a 2500 meters of land on Koya ways to build a new zoo.
The new zoo its for today its good and the cage largest and comfortable then old one , the cages was under control to prevent children to throw food , material  and cigarette to given to animals.
On 18 January 2014 the day of shut down old zoo and transport animals to new zoo more then (30) animals love and activist ,volunteers and animals rights organization was their such of them:

1-Miss Hylin a very famous Kurdish Singer
2-Miss Kurdistan 2013(Finke Mohameed)
3-Wine Grope (Women International Network Erbil)
4-Animal love and Volunteers’
5-Babilon Grope Company
6-Kurdistan organization for animal rights protection.

The celebration included many activities like:

1-Transportation of animals start on 11 Am
2- Clean of new zoo and all cages
3-plant trees fore shading
4-compleat constriction of cages
5-seperation between animals especially wild and domestic animals
6- Feeding and watering all animals
7- Treatment of sick animals
8-painting the zoo
9- Giving recommendation and advice to owner and visitors.
10- The grope decided to following up the zoo between times to time.


During this activities a huge amount of (different food, different medicine , different vitamins and mineral , trees, dog and cats  cages,heating burner, building material, paint  litters …………………ect) and all this material was donated by Miss Hylan and Babylon Grope



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