Wild life Environment development Methods Workshop

February 11th, 2011

As a first time during the history in Kurdistan KOARP held a 2 days workshop on “ways how can develop and improve the wildlife environment” the seminars was present by Wildlife professor Dr. Amin A. Shengally, Environment Expert Mr. JAmil Qassim and Veterinarian Dr. Sulaiman T. Saeed

And the 6 seminars were present are:

1-Ways who effect on endangered wild animals and protection Monitoring ways of Wildlife by Dr.sulaiman T. seed

2- Relationship between wildlife and environment and ways of development and improve wildlife environment by Dr.Amin A. Shengally.

3-Ways and kind of Environmental pollution and his effect on animals and effect of dryness on wild animal’s life by Mr.Jamil Qassim

Seminar on Wildlife Status in Kurdistan

January 28th, 2011

On 27’th January 2011 Dr. Sulaiman  T. Saeed  give a seminar on “Wildlife Status in Kurdistan  ” to more then 55 people  whose members of Al-Peshmarga Center of Cultural and Social and the pivot of seminar are:

1-      Ways that wild life suffering from extinction and how we can prevent hunting and develop the wildlife environment.

2-      The importance and needed of animal protection law in Kurdistan.

3-      The importance and needed to national parks in Kurdistan.

Tree-planting campaign

January 28th, 2011

On 23’th January 2011 Dr. Sulaiman  T. Saeed the president of KOARO  participate in a campaign of planting trees  which prepared  by the Veterinary Directorate of Dohuk in collaboration with the Municipality of Dohuk in park  which is located in the courtyard in front of the Directorate of Veterinary and Dohuk Governorate Council

Poultry disease control and development of the poultry industry in Kurdistan workshop

December 28th, 2010

The P&F of KOARP participated in the session which took place in the Veterinary Directorate of Dohuk on Poultry disease control ways to activate and develop the poultry industry in Kurdistan and building capabilities of veterinarian’s supervisors and the course was for two days from13 – 14/12/2010

Plague Disease in Wild Goats

December 28th, 2010

Since a week many wild goats in the area around Barzan district suffering of the Viral disease is believed to be PPR and the diseased was more than 100 head of goats, and near  70-80 deaths with signs of erosion in mouth cavities  and after taking blood samples from animals by the veterinarians of  central laboratory in Erbil appeared that disease is the plague ,therefore we call and  appeal all the international community, especially specialized in   animal welfare and wildlife that are interested to  helping us to control the disease.

“Friday Animals Markets”

December 17th, 2010

Most kinds of animals suffering very bad condition, especially love birds, pigeons, rabbits, wild and domestic animals in places of sale and purchase of animals in the days of Friday that known “Friday Animals Markets” from lack of shelters, eating and drinking so it needs the owners of this profession to raise awareness and guidance on the circumstances and the nature of the breeding these animals.


Stray Animals Status in All Iraq

December 8th, 2010

“World Rabies Day”

December 6th, 2010


 On Tuesday 28th.September.2010 at 10:30am Duhok Veterinary Directorate in cooperation with both (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection) & (General Directorate of Public Health in Duhok), celebrate the “World Rabies Day” for the second time in the Iraqi history. The activities include:-

  1. Preceding the “World Rabies Day” celebration and exactly on 26th.September.2010, a T.V. interview (Kurdistan Satellite) was run by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar, the founder of Kurdistan Organization for Animal Right Protection) for this occasion.
  2.  Dr. Dyar Tayb (Director of Duhok Vet.) gives his speech and welcomes the attendance. He focus on “World Rabies Day” and also speaks about the great rule of concerning each part in rising the knowledge about such a big zoonotic disease which is (Rabies) among the people.
  3. Presenting a film on (Rabies) as a zoonotic disease is showed to the attendance.
  4. A seminar on (General statistics about Rabies in Iraq) by (Waleed Saleh from public health sector).
  5. A seminar on (How to Manage Dog street) by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar).
  6. Future advices and plan put to be work on with related parties to raise the awareness and education among people in the region.

Continual Bear & Pig Hunting in Kurdistan

November 23rd, 2010


November 6th, 2010


As a preliminary step towards the documentation of Kurdish sheep & goat breed, the (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection) & in cooperation with (Kurdistan satellite T.V) start the work in the 1st.November.2010 at “Gaweelan” village in Akre province as they still keeping the pure Kurdish sheep & goat breed from extinction. Breeders in this village show their willingness to increase the number & distribution all over Kurdistan region.