“Friday Animals Markets”

December 17th, 2010

Most kinds of animals suffering very bad condition, especially love birds, pigeons, rabbits, wild and domestic animals in places of sale and purchase of animals in the days of Friday that known “Friday Animals Markets” from lack of shelters, eating and drinking so it needs the owners of this profession to raise awareness and guidance on the circumstances and the nature of the breeding these animals.


Stray Animals Status in All Iraq

December 8th, 2010

“World Rabies Day”

December 6th, 2010


 On Tuesday 28th.September.2010 at 10:30am Duhok Veterinary Directorate in cooperation with both (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection) & (General Directorate of Public Health in Duhok), celebrate the “World Rabies Day” for the second time in the Iraqi history. The activities include:-

  1. Preceding the “World Rabies Day” celebration and exactly on 26th.September.2010, a T.V. interview (Kurdistan Satellite) was run by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar, the founder of Kurdistan Organization for Animal Right Protection) for this occasion.
  2.  Dr. Dyar Tayb (Director of Duhok Vet.) gives his speech and welcomes the attendance. He focus on “World Rabies Day” and also speaks about the great rule of concerning each part in rising the knowledge about such a big zoonotic disease which is (Rabies) among the people.
  3. Presenting a film on (Rabies) as a zoonotic disease is showed to the attendance.
  4. A seminar on (General statistics about Rabies in Iraq) by (Waleed Saleh from public health sector).
  5. A seminar on (How to Manage Dog street) by (Dr. Sulayman Tamar).
  6. Future advices and plan put to be work on with related parties to raise the awareness and education among people in the region.

Continual Bear & Pig Hunting in Kurdistan

November 23rd, 2010


November 6th, 2010


As a preliminary step towards the documentation of Kurdish sheep & goat breed, the (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection) & in cooperation with (Kurdistan satellite T.V) start the work in the 1st.November.2010 at “Gaweelan” village in Akre province as they still keeping the pure Kurdish sheep & goat breed from extinction. Breeders in this village show their willingness to increase the number & distribution all over Kurdistan region. 

Meeting with programmer development manager of SPCA.

October 28th, 2010

On 27th.October 2010 the president of “Kurdistan Organization for Animal Right Protection” KOARP meet Madam Terri Crisp (a programmer development manager of SPCA) in Erbil after her visiting to the KOARP’s office in Duhok city last Friday the 22th.October 2010 .The main aspects which are been discussed includes the following :

  1. Enrichments the information on activities and future plan.
  2. Strengthening the mutual cooperation between both sides.
  3.  Enhancing relating organization to work together.
  4. Confirmation to build dogs shelter In Duhok

A Seminar on mines and explosive effect on animals

October 25th, 2010

On 24 October 2010 Dr. Sulaiman T. Saeed the president of KOARP gives a seminar on” mines and explosive effects on animals” to more than 40 people who working on mine filed and local authority and the pivot of seminar are:

Effect of mines and explosive on animal’s environment (air, soil, water)

2- Effect of mines and explosive on wild life animals.

3- Effect of mines and explosive on pasture of animals

4- Effect of mines and explosive on the farmer of animals who live in villages.

World Animal Day in Kurdistan 4 October2010

October 7th, 2010

The second time in the history of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, celebrating World Animal Day in cooperation with Duhok Veterinary Directorate, Zewa Center for the Children rights Protection and Duhok Zoo. Our events and activities include:

a Photographic Exhibition illustrating the animal welfare situation in Iraq; an Exhibition of Children’s Paintings of Animals

 Speech of KOARP president and Chairman of Duhok City Council

presenting the active people helping animals(wild and stray) and pointes the 2010 animals friends with a World Animal Day logo flag.

  Center of Zewa for children rights protections activities including :

A-Two song the first under name “I am going to the park” and the second under the name “spring of our village “

B- Performance (drama) under name” environment burned”

Animal Zoo s activities include showing of animals and freedom of pigeon

You can see :


A Visiting to the Command Council of Environment Protection forces In Kurdistan Region

September 21st, 2010

On Sunday 19 September 2010  The president of KOARP Dr .Sulaiman T.Saeed  accompanied by  Dr. Amin A. Shengally  PHD in Wild life animals visited the  Command Council of the Kurdistan Region  Environment Protection forces in Erbil and welcomed by the Major General of Protection force of Environment In Kurdistan Region Caption Hassan Nori  Dosky , after welcomed the visitor they discussing the wild life animals statues in Kurdistan, ways of developing  , preventing hunting ,and the recent frequently occurred in Kurdistan the burning of environments and finally ,both sides agree to work to gather to improve the life of wild animals .

To all animals Welfare Organization and All Animals Amateur People in the World To participation in building first Dogs shelter in Duhok

September 8th, 2010


After a strength effort and constant attempts, the Kurdistan Organization of Animal Rights Protection has finally obtained a 2500 square meter of land so as to collect stray, abandoned and neglected animals which live in streets. This unique achievement in all over Iraq came after our local government agreed to give it as a gift to our organization.

Therefore, we call upon all donators and animal welfare organizations in the world to donate for this golden opportunity so that we could rescue the neglected animals in the streets.