KOARP Participated Holiday Training Course Ending Celebration of Zewa Children Center:

September 7th, 2016





















On 1 September 2016 KOARP the celebration of Zewa Children Center on the occasion of Holiday Training Course Ending , more then 150 children participated the course for 60 days, KOARP had good chance to give the childern many seminars about animal welfare, animal kingdom, zoonotic disease between human and animals, zoo and wild life.












Environment session In Duhok Province :

August 27th, 2016











On 17 August 2016 at Duhok Environment directorate and in the presence of Mr. Dr. fariss Br. a member of enviroment and health committee/ Iraqi parliament, Dr.Jassim R. a member of enviroment and health committee/ Kurdistan parliament, Dr.Addul Hammed a old Iraqi parliament member,Miss. parwen a enviroment committee of Duhok Province, heads and representative of all related departments directorate like Duhok mayoralty, veterinary , health, enviroment police, general directorate of police, media,and others after welcomed by Mr.M.T.Brifkani the director of Duhok environment directorate, Dr.Sulaiman present a seminar on Friday market Phenomenon , problem and solving , he mentioned all enviroment crises that effected daily life of people in Duhok Province , animals trade , bad situation of animals, hunting, bad treatment with animals, productions, weapon and in future needs more help, need some meeting , workshop to show the government for dissolve in future.


KOARP Participated Opening Duhok Zoo and Cafe:

May 18th, 2016

On 13 May 2016 Dr.Sulaiman a president and Founder of Kurdistan Organization for Animal rights Protection ( KOARP) had honor of attending and opening of officially Duhok Zoo and Cafe.

KOARP and Dr.Sulaiman had a speech , notes, information, and suggestion on this occasion and with all respect the owner accepted all advises.

KOARP have contact with owner and zoo administration daily and monitoring the situation of animals.



World Migratory Bird Day 2016 in Kurdistan:

May 10th, 2016










On 10 May at 10 O’clock morning at Duhok Zoo the World Migratory Day 2016 in Kurdistan was celebrated, KOARP/Robin Hood with more then 200 student of Duhok Privet International School attended the celebration , the celebration was included below activities:
1- small presentation of World Migratory Bird Day by Dr.Sulaiman.
2-Student Tour around Zoo. the student divided to two grope each one more then 100 student with her teachers , Grope A with Dr.Sulaiman and Grope B with Dr.Idress.
we explain animal kingdom, class, habitat, nature of each kind of animal in Zoo to student specially Birds.
3- Distribution of more then 200 copy of ((Layla’s grandmother and Wolfe)) that translated by Dr.Sulaiman and sponsored by Kurdish famous singer Dashni Morad and Miss Kurdistan 2013 Fink Mohammed.
4- Distribution of world migratory Bird Day 2016 brochures.
5- Distribution of many gifts from R.H. Org. like animals photo, sticker…etc.
6- playing with domestic animals cat and dogs.
the celebration tacked more then 2 hours.


Cooperation between KOARP ,Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker and Tierschutzverein Robin Hood:

April 25th, 2016










From 15 April 2016 until 22 April 2016 KOARP invited a team of Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker Org. and Tierschutzverein Robin Hood Org.during this period many idea, project, plan, suggestion was discussed specially for helping refuges, IDP and  all animals specially stray dog and cat, shelters, education of people.










KOARP have good future with both organization
special thanks to all team Marion, Nadine and Mr.Herrman from both organisations.


Main KOARPs Activities of beginning of 2016

March 5th, 2016

World Wildlife Day 2016 Celebration in Kurdistan Region:

On 3 March 2016 Kurdistan Organization, Environment Directorate, Forest Directorate, Aza Environment Protecting Org. and Ava Kurdistan organization celebrated World Wildlife Day 2016 in Kurdistan, the celebration included many activities like:

1- Two presentation on National park presented by Dr.Sulaiman and Mr.Mouhamed Yonis.

2- Duhok Radio interview with Mr.Idris M.

3-Traffic Radio interview with Dr.Sulaiman.











KOARP Participate NGOs meeting on Economic and financial challenges in the Kurdistan Region.











World Spay Day 2016 In Kurdistan Region

on 23 February 2016 KOARP and University of Duhok/Veterinary Medicine Faculty celebrate World Spay Day as a first time during Iraq and Kurdistan R. history .

The celebration includes this activities below:

1-Presentation about situation of Stray animals in Iraq by Dr.Sulaiman T. a founder of KOARP.

2- condemnation the Iraqi law number 48 published in 1986 called stray dog kill control law bu both side.

3- spay and neuter some dogs and cats daily in this week

4- interview with media to education and awareness people to spay owner animals and government to tack care stray animals.











Meeting about National Park in Duhok Province:

on 21 February in Duhok Province council building KOARP organized a meeting between environment committee in DPC, directorate of Environment, Forestry directorate, Aza environment org., Ava Kurdistan org. and KOARP about National Park law in Kurdistan Region and ways to select some area in Duhok nature for national Park in Duhok Province and preparing a proposal to send to the government and Parliament in Kurdistan R

Dr.Sulaiman presented a presentation about principle of N.P. and The formation of committees for selecting an exact area and nature.











Training Course of K9 management , supervising and management:

Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP and cooperation with M.C. opening a training course to all dog handlers of company to tack care, good management , supervising the situation of dogs , first aid ,common diseases ,medicines and surgical operation of dogs.











KOARP Participated meeting of NGOs with KRG Council of Ministers:

on 11 February 2015 Dr.SulaimanT. a founder of KOARP participated the meeting of Mr.Nichirvan Barzani a Prime Minister and Mr.Qobad Talabani a Deputy Prime Minister of KRG Council of Ministers with Representatives of some Kurdistan local NGOs.


Definition And Deployment (Environmental Legislation Guides In Kurdistan Region – Iraq ) and reviewed Hunting Law in Kurdistan

February 10th, 2016

In the Vet. Directorate Hall in Duhok on 2 February 2016 , an effectiveness has been prepared by Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights and Protection and Nature Iraq Organization with two articles definition of ( Environmental Legislation Guides in Kurdistan Region – Iraq ) which prepared by Shilan Aziz and Rashan Ashp from N.I and Hunting law which approved by Environment improvement and development Agency in KRG.

In this activity we invited many KRG representatives like ( Iraqi parliament /Duhok office , Province council of Duhok Environmental Protection and Improvement directorate In Duhok , General directorate of agriculture and water resources in Duhok , Duhok and Zakho University , Vet. directorate , General Directorate of Police in Duhok , police directorate of forest protection ,Duhok Dam directorate environmental NGO and many Animal and environment activists .

At the beginning Dr.Sulaiman welcomed all attendees especially the guests from sulaymaniyah(Shelan, Rashan and Dyeari) and mentioned the role of Nature Iraq org. in all around Iraq to protect and develop Iraq nature, then mentioned the big requests on hunting the wild animals and suggested the duties of protection and monitoring the market and place for sale and buy wild animals in front of Peshmarga force protecting environment in Kurdistan whose participating the war against ISIS by the Police Force.

Then Shelan Khan and Rashan Khan mentioned the Importance of printing the Gide of all Iraqi and Kurdistan environment law in one book.

After that all the attendees discussion the hunting law that approved by environment agency in 2015 and all notes and suggestion will send to environment agency by both organization in future.


Distribution of book ((Project and Strategies to Control the Growing Population of Stray Animals(Dogs, Cats and Donkey)In Kurdistan Region))

December 6th, 2015














From 1 December 2015  KOARP started distribution of   Project and strategies to control the growing population of stray animals(dogs, cats and donkey) in Kurdistan Region Issued by   Dr.Sulaiman T.Saed aPresident and Founder of KOARP in Duhok  ,Erbil and Sulaimaina Province to all government (ministries, agency and directorate), animal lovers, volunteers  and NGOs.


World Animal Day 2015 in Kurdistan Region/Iraq

October 10th, 2015











KOARP celebrated WAD 2015 in Duhok province after one week preparations of different activities included below:

1-    On 07.30 A.M. and for 20 minutes Kurdistan Morning Show in  Rudaw Media net ( channel) ( famous  international media net) directly (on air) invited Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed  for interview on subject of World Animal Day.

2-    From 11A.M. to 2.00 P.M. KOARP’s team, Sharia Eyzedian I.D.P. Camp Administration and GZI Primary School of Eyzedian I.D.P.  children celebrated WAD 2015 with many fantastic  activities included:

a- Opening Drawing Show which prepared  more than 10 day by children of School and KOARP , the  dawning show was opened by student named Iman (girl 13 years old) whose escaped from ISIS terrorist group jail  after has been detains more than one year.

b-small presentation to more than 50 student of fourth stage about kind and situation of animals in Kurdistan .










c-Distribution of KOARPs gifts on student whose participated show and activities consist of   a copy of children story ((Laylas grandmothers with wolf story)) which translated by Dr.Sulaiman T. Saed and sponsored printing by Dashni Morad (Kurdish singer) and Fink Muhammed miss Kurdistan 2013 and  a box of animals toys.

d-    Coexistence, playing and interesting with animals which prepared the celebration by Duhok Zoo.











3-    Many media, journalist and guest was participated the celebration.

4-    On 05.30 P.M. and for 25minutes  was invited Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed  by Arang  Show in  Warr  Media net ( channel) ( famous  media net in Duhok Province)  for interview directly ( on air) on subject of World Animal Day .

5-    Also at same show(Arang) published all activities that was done at afternoon in Sharia I.D.P.  camp/school and published two reportage first about what you say about WAD and second who will protect , welfare, respect  animals and prevent hunting.











6-    Warr newspaper on 6 0ctober published article on subject World Animal Day which written by Dr.Sulaiman T.Saed.

7-    Sivora(squirrel)  Children Magazine will publish article of October on  subject World Animal Day which written by Dr.Sulaiman T.Saed.

8-    Nomination Mr. Rang and his wife Lazha the best animal breeder of 2015 in Kurdistan region whose rescues, save, treatment and adopted a stray dog in very bad condition.

9-    Nomination Falcon as an animal year2016 in Kurdistan for education and awareness people to stop hunting and extinction..

10-           Supervising the progress of final stage of printing ((Project and strategies to control the growing population of stray animals (dogs, cats and donkey) in Kurdistan Region)) and planning of schedule of distribution between citizens.

KOARP Participate NGOs Assembly in Erbil

September 12th, 2015

On 8 September 2015 that was organized by USAID and Mercy Coups , a team consist of three person (Dr.Sulaima, Dr.Idress And Arass) participated the 100 NGOs Assembly from Kirkuk, Mosul, Erbil, Sulaimaia and Duhok province and the aim of this meeting was:
1- showing the guests activities
2- Exchange of experiences
3- attended two panel of discussion.