World Children Day

June 11th, 2014


On 1st June 2014 KOARP in cooperation with “Zewa Center for children protection” in Duhok Province celebrated the “World Children Day” present and sponsored by “Fink Mahmmod” Miss Kurdistan 2013-2014 and more than 100 children and a huge numbers of media.

The celebration includes many activities like


Cooperation show of animal’s photo gallery that was taken by KOARP’s camera and drawing pictures by children of center

Many song , play and poetry on animals


 Distribution an animal’s story and animals toy as a gift to all children



Sudden Death of near 100 Mice

May 23rd, 2014











On 23 May 2014 KOARP with corporation of WAAR TV followed the causes of death of more then 80 Mice in Bagerat sub district in Duhok Province and according to our experience the death was occurs by unknown poison or food material during huge amount of rain that pulled this poison to the Mice kennel or holes.



Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 12.05.2014 in Kurdistan

May 12th, 2014




On 12th may 2014 the Peshmarga Forces of Protection Environment with cooperation of Kurdistan Organization For Animal RightsProtection(KOARP)  celebrate the” World Migratory Bird Day 2014” at  Peshmarga Forces Center in Zaweta sub-district .

The celebrations consist of many activities like realize a huge numbers of partridge, spate education and awareness of people by media like TV and Newspaper.





Erbil Zoo Closed

January 29th, 2014


After many trying and reported about worst zoo in the world from many animals right organization and animals activist  and after many trying with government to provide a others land to build a new and modern zoo in Erbil, the zoo’s owner able to get a 2500 meters of land on Koya ways to build a new zoo.
The new zoo its for today its good and the cage largest and comfortable then old one , the cages was under control to prevent children to throw food , material  and cigarette to given to animals.
On 18 January 2014 the day of shut down old zoo and transport animals to new zoo more then (30) animals love and activist ,volunteers and animals rights organization was their such of them:

1-Miss Hylin a very famous Kurdish Singer
2-Miss Kurdistan 2013(Finke Mohameed)
3-Wine Grope (Women International Network Erbil)
4-Animal love and Volunteers’
5-Babilon Grope Company
6-Kurdistan organization for animal rights protection.

The celebration included many activities like:

1-Transportation of animals start on 11 Am
2- Clean of new zoo and all cages
3-plant trees fore shading
4-compleat constriction of cages
5-seperation between animals especially wild and domestic animals
6- Feeding and watering all animals
7- Treatment of sick animals
8-painting the zoo
9- Giving recommendation and advice to owner and visitors.
10- The grope decided to following up the zoo between times to time.


During this activities a huge amount of (different food, different medicine , different vitamins and mineral , trees, dog and cats  cages,heating burner, building material, paint  litters …………………ect) and all this material was donated by Miss Hylan and Babylon Grope



A World Volunteer visited Kurdistan to help KOARP

January 10th, 2014



 From 23 December 2013 until 4 January 2014 Mr. Spencer Sekyer a world volunteer from Canada visited Kurdistan to help KOARP. He helped and saved stray animals and rescues. Mr. Sekyer also brought with him drugs and equipment from Ann Greenbank veterinary service Mr. Sekyer worked seriously and saved many animals in different parts of Kurdistan and gave many advice to many people including the zoo owner. He also appeared in two Canadian TV interviews with his wife when he was in Kurdistan and when he returned



Gazi Antep Animal Zoo Visiting

November 6th, 2013


on 30 October 2013 Dr. sulaiman visited  Gazi Antap Animal zoo at 10:00 A.M and after tour around all part of zoo collect many information for example:
1- the zoo was management by government not privet sector and this help zoo development day after day..
2-semilar kind of animal cage is arranged in one direction (carnivores …..ect) on one side.
3- The zoo was built on a huge and wide land.
4- The aquarium was very huge and fantastic.
5-all animals live in huge cage and the movement free (similar to nature and environment of all animals).
6- the zoo was amazing


Visiting gaziantap Horse Center (Atlisspor Kulubu)

November 5th, 2013


On 29 October 2013 in Gaze Antap cityDr.Sulaiman  met old KOARP”s  friend from Turkish training dog academy Mr. Gogtan in Hours racing and dog training center,he introduced Dr.sulaiman to many important people there special Dr.Serhat M.E a veterinarian and manager of center(gaziantap Atlisspor Kulubu) ,after many discussion they make to Dr.sulaiman a tour in all branch of center and for dogs and cat . 



World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Erbil and Duhok Provinces

November 5th, 2013

World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Erbil



On 03 October 2013 in Erbil Province a capital of Kurdistan as a yearly celebration, Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) celebrated the World Animal day 2013. This special day was celebrated by the KOARP team, Kurdistans first POP female singer Dashni Morad, Mr Rabar and Mr Srod from XKurdLike and Mr Rafer whom is also a Kurdish singer.   Rudaw TV and Korek TV journalists were also there along with Nasih Ali Xayat who was the photographer.


The celebration included many activities like

  1. Visit Gilkand animal zoo in Erbil:

a)      Clean, sterilize and disinfect all the animal’s cages to control viral and bacterial disease.

b)      Supply a large amount of different foods (meat, chicken, vegetables, grains)

c)       Feed each animal their normal diet

d)      Supply a large amount of medicine, vaccination and equipment for the different types of animals currently in the Zoo.  Medicines included:


Rabies vaccine


Vitamins and Minerals

e)      Conducting checkups on the animals

  1. Visit Erbil Vice Governor:

At 12:00 PM the team visited the Vice Governor of Erbil, Mr. Taher Abdulla.  The meeting took approximately 40 minutes and the below topics were covered.

a-      Rebuild a new Zoo according to International Zoo standards and move the animals to a better location.

b-      The support of the KOARP team and volunteers on helping the Zoo owner with the design and specifications of the new Zoo.

c-       Stop Iraqi Law (No.48 in 1986) that condones killing all stray animals by poison or shot gun and replace this law with Spay and Neutering.

d-      Build Animal Shelter to start of Spay and Neutering.

3- Rescue wild animals from the market and set them free on Saffin Mountain:

a-      The team along with environment protectors (Peshmarge) visited the top of Saffin Mountain to set the Squirrels and Quails free.  Research was conducted on the area to make sure the animals would have constant food, water and shelter.

b-      Collect garbage on the mountain that was left by hikers.

The team then returned back to Erbil at approximately 9:30PM.

World Animal Day 2013 in Kurdistan-Duhok


On Wednesday 09 October 2013 KOARP, General Directorate of Social Welfare and Development, Veterinary Directorate, Zewa Children Protection Center and the Zoo in Duhok province celebrated World Animal Day at the Zewa Children ‘s Hall.


The ceremony included the below activities:

1- Speech on “World Animal Day” by the President and founder of KOARP, Dr.Sulaiman T.Saeed

2-Speech by General Directorate of Social Welfare and Development by Mrs. Chian M.

3- Short video film prepared by (WSPA).

4- Many songs related to (Animal welfare, Zoo and Environment) by children from Zewa center and Pelistank Group children channel.

5-A play (Called “Our Environment”) by children from Zewa Center.

6- Photo slideshow on animal situation by KOARP.

7- Viewing of a Drawing prepared by Zewa children center about animal welfare and protection.

8-Kurdistan animal 2014 was:Urmia Salamander( Neurergus crocatus)or Kurdistan Newt (Neurergud microspilotus)

9- 30 gifts from Veterinary directorate to children in Zewa Center



A Famous singers Shelan, Niven and Aras of  Pelistank TV and  a few other NGO’s were also present.


OKARP’s Activities

September 14th, 2013
  1. On 10 September 2013 Dr.Sulaiman and his assist participated in workshop about chemical weapon, mine, explosive and war material effects on environment (air, water and land) that held by Green environment friends organization, Dr. sulaiman presented a seminar under the name chemical weapon ,mine, explosive and war material effects on environment of wildlife and domestic animals
  2.   On 06 September 2013 Farashin organization for environment in Zakho distract invited Dr. sulaiman president of KOARP to present a seminar about way of development and protection of wildlife environment in Kurdistan to 25 student in secondary stage.
  3. On 04 September 2013 Dr.sulaiman invited Dr. Jwan Othman a Studies PhD. in wildlife and Landscape Conservation at Sheffield Hallam University /UK about interview on determining factors and causes of the decreasing deer population in Kurdistan-Iraq.
  4. On 26 August 2013 Dr.sulaiman in Erbil met Ms.Mary Baxter (Bsc in Bio Veterinary Science and Msc in Animal Behavior and Welfare) and student of PHD from British, the meeting was about animal rights, welfare, animal’s conditions in zoo, slaughterhouse, farm, wild life and stray animals also education, and awareness of peoples.




seminar about ( Ways of protection and developments of wildlife environment in Kurdistan)

August 17th, 2013

Dr.Sulaiman a president and Founder of KOARP on 15 August 2013 participate in a mini conference of developing environment in Kurdistan that was held by (H.G.E.O.K)  and present a seminar under name ( Ways of protection and developments of wildlife environment in Kurdistan‏.