wildlife medicine Course in Duhok

July 13th, 2013


From 17-22 June 2013 Faculty of veterinary /university of Duhok ,Kurdistan veterinarian network and KOARP invite wildlife expert and Tehran Zoo vet.supervisor Dr.Iman Memarian to Duhok Province to present a workshop about wildlife medicine and wildlife habitat‏.



Starting Educational program on Animal Rights to Zewa Children Center

June 10th, 2013

On 8 June 2013 our educational program with Zewa center of children in Duhok Province was stared and first day we presented a seminar about Animal zoo(definition , animal in captive, size of zoo, kind of animals in zoo, feeding, watering ,management ,recognizing animals vice…….ect).
next seminar it will be about animal welfare, rights, love ,tack care and protection.




Important Meeting About Animal conditions in Zoo

May 12th, 2013

On Thursday 09 May 2013 rDr.sulaiman T. president of KOARP participated very important meeting with Madam Terri Crisp from SPCA international and world animals rescues Volunteer and Journalist Photography Mr. Colin Ball and the agenda of our meeting was about animal conditions in Zoo in all Iraq and specially in Kurdistan Region.Really it was very wonderful, useful and this meeting will be continuous in future


Following and Reporting Kurdistan Newt

May 12th, 2013

On 29 April 2013 KOARP invite expert Dr.Elnaz Najafi Majd a PhD zoology department/since faculty /Ege University-Izmir Turkey that working ecology and conservation Uremia Salamander and Kurdistan Newt ,she stayed in Kurdistan Region week to follow up and reporting this animals as a research in different parts and districts in Bothe Duhok and Erbil province .Our team to follow up Kurdistan Salamander Newt consisted of:

1-Dr.Elnaz…Ege University
2- Mr.Mohamed Younis from environment directorate KRG
3-Dr.sulaimanT. KOARP’s president



























KGR Team Visited some Stray Animals shelters in Turkey

April 25th, 2013

On 08.04.2013 and according to the approval order of KGR-Erbil Governor Kurdistan region team visited Turkey (Istanbul) as a committee to find a way to protect stay dog kill campaign in Kurdistan region and all Iraq and to bring a Turkish experience with stray dogs and how deal with and dissolve this problem and this committees was consist of :
1- Erbil Vet. Directorate
2- Civil Engineer
3- administration officer of Erbil governor-ate
4- KOARP president and animal’s rights activities.

On 09.04.2013 as a first step of team’s trip to Turkey to monitoring stray dogs and how deal with ,treatment and management by municipality of Istanbul Province , they visited many street of city and we sow many dogs and cat movement free and save and the surprising thinks with all this dogs are each one tagged (numbered) with different color (yellow, read and green).

اسطنبول 1 071

On 11.04.2013 team left Istanbul toward Bursa to  visit some Animals place and collection of some idea and information to help us to improve animals conditions in Kurdistan.

 The first place team visited ( BURSA Animal Zoo).

The second place team visited on 09.04.2013 in Bursa a large, modern and fantastic animal shelters in Turkey (Oysman Gazi shelter for municipality) .

.The third place team visited is( veterinary hospital ,dog and cat shelter in Nilofer municipality in Bursa Provence


On 13 April 2013 the team visited Izmir Animal Zoo in Izmir Province and after rounded all part of zoo the team ,and got many information about and saw a freedom of animals , very large space of each kind of animals as he life in her nurture, different methods of feeding for each animal and very simple building to each kind of animals .


On 15 April 2013 the team with our colleague Gughtan Ekur visited Istanbul Veterinary faculty and animal vet. Hospital in faculty, very amazing tour round all part of hospital and training dog sector for diagnosis cancer .

On afternoon 15 April 2013 the team with our team leader Mr.Gughtan Eker visited last dog shelters in this trip under name (Bekirkoy ) in meddle of Istanbul city center 


Letter Thanks from Collage of Veterinary Mrdicine

April 3rd, 2013


On 26.03.2013 College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Sulaimani sent a letter thanks to Kurdistan organization For Animal Rights Protection about present a DVD containing 17 book about wild animals and Zoo.











Successful Meeting with volenterrs in Erbil

March 3rd, 2013









On 23 February 2013 from 10:30 12:30 I was in a very important meeting in Erbil with a 5 interesting ,loving animals and volunteers to make every effort to improve the animals condition in Kurdistan ( Azad, Neviin, Ala , J. and Chiro), after good discussion about horrible conditions that animals suffering daily in all sectors, we decided to make a team and work to improve and develop all bad conditions that animal suffering in Kurdistan and all Iraq. many thanks to all friends in team and special thanks to Chiro Khan that she more one years monitoring our activities and she was a reason of this meeting


February 19th, 2013


this cat on below pictures was adoption by one family whose love animals and was lost before one week they asking KOARP to help him to find him and they promise to who return bag to him so please if any one have any information about this cat pleas contact phone number 07503114755




ئةف بشيكا هوين د بينن ئةفة نيزيك 7 روزة يا بةرزةبووى ل باريزطةها دهوكى نيزيك سى كركا و يا خيزانةكا ئازةل دوستة و هةوارا خو كةهاندية ريكخراوا كوردستان بو باراستنا مافى ئازةلى كو هةر كةسى ديتبيت بةيوةنديى ب زمارين 07503114755 يان بو زانين هةركةسى بينيت و خودانى ئاكةهداركةت خةلاتةكى باش هةية.
هذة الصور لقطة تم فقدها قبل اسبوع في محافظة دهوك تعود لعائلة محبة و صديقة للحيوانات و طلبو من منظمة كوردستان لحماية حقوق الحيوان لنشر هذة الاعلان على الانترنيت فعلى من لديه القطة او معلومات عن القطة الاتصال بصاحب القطة على الرقم التالي 07503114755 علما بان صاحب القطة وعد بجائزة كبيرة لمن لديه القطة و يرجعها الى صاحبها.


securedownload (1)







Very Sad Story

January 21st, 2013

DSC_3208 (Medium)

This pictures was taken by journalist of Rodaw Newspaper(Towana Taha) it was Erbil-Shaklaqa’s way(Kurdistan region  on 19 January 2013 Female Donkey with her Son was need pass the way unfortunately mother get car accident and die immediately and the son remain more then 8 hours standing at her head and tried to pull her leg to out side road

DSC_3180 (Medium)

Rescue of Monkey by KOARP

January 20th, 2013


On 28december2012 Dr.sulaimanT. Seed a president and founder of KOARP got a call from one family in Duhok Province /Kurdistan region about  male monkey that suffering with very big wound on neck on the cite of leash ,and after visiting to the house and after observation and its looked that they need immediately remove the leash and if late fore several days it will lead to death  monkey because the cutting of neck, and because monkey was alone managing so he was too aggressive and unable to control therefore after two hours by tranquilizer DR .Sulaiman able to control monkey and removed the old leash then for 15 days monitoring and treatment the monkey until become health and after that they change the leash .




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