Rescues and Adoption Stray Donkey

August 22nd, 2012

On 16 August 2012  the president and founder of KOARP  Dr.sulaiman T.Saeed found a stray white donkey between building of Duhok municipality and directorate of distribution of water and  because of there is no shelter available in all Iraq and Kurdistan region , for 6 days just monitoring , recommended  and ordered the guard of Church that was build near the two directorate to giving him food and water until find a way or volunteer for adoption but unfortunately many children and young boys daily hitted the donkey by stone, iron when there was no one  there ,fortunately yesterday 21Augest 2012 at eleven evening  when I was return from out side to home   I thought to visit and see the animal what happen , and at that time I saw that two young boys was catching  the donkey and the hitted the animal by big iron about one meter length, immediately I stopped my car and asked with two boys why they hitted the animals its shame and animals feel pain and restless and at that time I saw other car(14688-Duhok) stopped near to me and three teenagers came out to help me  and they tell me if I need help ,I asked him to find a home , fortunately they tell me that they will tack with him and adoption in this home I bring  a cord and make a bridle then we picking up animal to the car and we sended to new home then after one day and for3days we will treatment the injures that occurs during the hitting

Amputation of Left Hand of Wild Mountain Kid Goat

July 22nd, 2012

On 22July2012 the team of operation make an Amputation of left hand of small wild mountain kid Goat that befor 10 days ago cauch from hunters and suffered from big injury ,all this 10 days the team do all the best to keep the hand but unfortunately failed , the animal will be under monitoring until healing the operation and then we will discided to keep them in Animal zoo as a rehabitation center or release to nature.

Cooperation to Rescues Small Injured kid of Mountain Goat

July 10th, 2012
 on 9.07.2012 Dr.sulaiman and Dr.Meriam Ibrahime as a cooperation between Kurdistan Organization For Animal Rights Protection, Environmental protection Peshmarga Force and Faculty of Veterinary  do an operation of 3-4 month kid mountain Goat that catches before two days from one hunter and kid suffered very chronic injured on left hand, the operation tack 2 time and the team give the small goat chance for one week for healing  ,if don’t recovery they will make amputation of gangrenous hand.

fantastic and successful entertaining picnic to Animal Zoo

July 7th, 2012

On7July 2012 Dr. Suleiman T. Saied chairman of KOARP organized a fantastic and successful entertaining picnic for 30 children from the Zewa center to the zoo in the Dohuk province and on this picnic he explained the habitat  of each animal( natural environment, nutrition, reproduction, age, weight, number of baby and eggs , reason of hunting, type and ways of hunting)  , on the end of the trip they requested to cohabitation and touch the animals and on the way after finished all children dancing, singing and they say we got information on all the animals on the Zoo.

KOARP’s news on OIPA website

June 27th, 2012

on June 2012 the International Organization For Animal Protection(OIPA) ,publishing all KOARP’s news on here website , for all details please visit link below:


Seminar about Cities( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

June 25th, 2012

On 25 June 2012 Dr.sulaiman chairman of KOARP present a seminar about Cities( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to employers of veterinary quarantine , agriculture quarantine   and border police.


Hernia Operation for GSD

June 18th, 2012

On 18June 2012 in Veterinary Collage Dr.Sulaiman from KOARP and Dr.Mariam Ibrahim from Veterinary Collage  make a operation for one Mando’s Oil Company.

Name of Operation : Umbilical Hernia
Dog Name: Zena
Age:2 years
Weight : 32kg

Sex: Female
Species : GSD/EDD
Dog Handel : Samuail
Period of operation 2.30 Hour.

Case History : Zena she was an Explosive Detection Dogs from Mand Oil company,sine 6 month ago she was suffered from injured in umbilical area , she treated but may be she not healing the wound completely there fore day by day she had a hernia in umbilica , the site of hernia( rupture of muscle of abdomen ) was more 5 CM and many part of bowl come out site abdomen ( under skin) and the case become too old (chronic) therefore there was many admissions surrounding the wound .

Procedure of Operation : after  cutting and removing hair( clippingand shaving the site of operation) ,then cutting the skin and looking for the ring of hernia and removing all adhesion tissue ,entering all bowl to inside and suturing all layer of muscle then skin.

Post Operation :

1- Cores of Antibiotics for 5 days.

2- spraying the site of operation daily two time .

3- remove thes suture after 12 days.

4-rest for 30 days.

German television show a report about my activities on animals rights in all Iraq

June 16th, 2012

The German television last Sunday show a report of journalist Mr.Christopher about my activities on animals rights in all Iraq . It was a big success. You can watch it here:

In that show they invite animal shelters and present the stray animals. People can call and take the animals home. They were all very impressed by my work and wish me good lucky.

Education of Student on Animal Rights and Mercy in The summer holidays

June 16th, 2012

last week we began a summer session for students of schools in the Zewa center for protect children’s rights, which will take for four months and from within the plan of center every week  we have one hour as a Kurdistan  Organization for animal rights protection, which will teach them how to love tack care, and respect for animals and how to mercy them and what is animal rights and how to Education and compassion, through seminars  , competitions , films , videos, visiting animal zoo and work such as workshops and how to draw animals and songs about animal.

Consist of Stray Animals Committee:

June 16th, 2012

Today 12 June 2012 there Was a meeting at the Directorate of Municipality in Dohuk Province between the Director of the municipal Mr. Shaukat Burberry and Chairman of KOARP Dr. Suleiman Tameer pass on the question of the presence of stray animals on the streets of the city and especially dogs , cats and Donkey and on the end of meeting we consisted a operating room or  committee from both sides made up of veterinarian as volunteers as a supervisor and team leader , one engineer as a member , two workers from the municipality with a car and carry. the duty of this Committee is when there are stray animals in the main streets they will try to catch and faraway from the city without kill it.